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Andrea Coleman, Reiki Master

Reiki Healing
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I'm a certified Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer. My journey to Reiki was unconventional. I've practiced law for over 15 years. I'm a Litigator who has tried over 30 jury trials, most of them in Brooklyn, NY. I'm also a comic who has performed stand-up for over 18 years. I'd heard of Reiki but never considered becoming a practitioner. Then I got sick.

My blood levels were extremely low. I was getting regular iron infusions at the hospital in order to have enough oxygen for my heart and brain. I discovered the blood loss was because of fibroids (non cancerous tumors in and around the uterus). I'd had 2 previous surgeries to remove them but they'd returned with a vengeance.

I knew intuitively that a 3rd surgery would not address the root issue - why did I keep getting fibroids? My journey to answer that question lead me to various healing modalities, Reiki was one of them. Reiki has helped bring healing to my body,. connected me to my ancestors, and given me an even deeper connection to the Divine.

I've always used my intuition and Divine guidance on stage and in the courtroom. Now I use them to help others heal. As a Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer I channel Divine love and light to bring healing to physical, emotional or spiritual challenge areas. Even if you don't know what's troubling you, you just know you want some Divine light focused your way, perfect, I can do that for you! I specialize in connecting people to their inner child and higher self, bringing back messages and intuitive insight.

Let’s Work Together!

Reiki Sessions are provided Live Virtually via Zoom for $250.00

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