Woke Laws


            where funny people

    judge funny laws

  Hosted by Andrea Coleman

"I love when someone takes a logical leap and lands someplace weird." - Andrea

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Wanna watch the whole show?

Andrea's Hot Woke Law Takes

“Lawyer and comedian Andrea Coleman is here to judge your laws" - WNYC & NPR

“5 Comedy Shows to Catch in NYC this weekend…Coleman helps us laugh at some of the more bizarre laws on the books in cities and states across the country" - NY Times

“Real-life lawyer Andrea Coleman cleans up the messes of the supreme court at this hilarious show" - TimeOut NY

“Have you been keeping up with Andrea’s latest WACK OR WOKE? assessments of crazy laws on Instagram? If not, go follow her THIS MINUTE! Legal beagles, THIS SATURDAY at The Tank, you can have a seat inside the makeshift courtroom where real life attorney and comic Andrea Coleman (BET, Comic Strip Live) is judge supreme.” - Comedy Cake

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